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Guest Expectations and Property Guidelines

Due to COVID-19 and this challenging time, we have instituted some extra requirements/restrictions. Updated March 2022
  • Only one guest at a time is allowed in the motel office. The best practice is to knock on the door and then open it. If we are helping another guest please step back out and wait for them to leave.

  • There will no longer be daily housekeeping inside of the units. Requests to exchange dirty towels or additional needs will be communicated through the office by 10am each day and a housekeeper/employee will bring the items to the unit door.

  • In the event an employee needs to enter a unit for maintenance or other issues, all occupants of the unit may be asked to vacate the unit while the issue is being resolved.

  • Only registered guests/occupants will be allowed on the property. A registered guest cannot have visitors on the property without them checking in at the front office first to fill out a visitor registration form. Failure to comply by this rule can result in immediate termination of the reservation without refund.

  • DVDs may still be checked out by special process.

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