SunsetsWhat a charming cottage! It was the perfect setting for a perfect proposal.  She said ‘Yes’!  ~Anonymous


This has been a lovely place to call “home” for the past 2 weeks.  Thanks for taking such good care of us while we’ve been here!  I’ll miss you all.    ~Best Wishes, Chandler from Virginia


Great little complex.  Nice place for one last “simple” vacation before baby makes 3.


sb_34675x7This is one of my favorite places on the coast…and what a view from the deck! I got to dig around in the tide pools while my husband went surfing.  ~ Caitlin and Joe


Unparalleled views!  Very comfy! Love the Dani products and killer coffee!  Over the last 20 years I’ve seen this room transform- yet it’s always clean, comfy, cozy.  Years ago my husband and I would celebrate Thanksgiving in this room.”   ~Joyce Lindsay Sandy, OR


We really enjoyed this cottage.  It was cozy, sweet, with excellent views!


I wish we’d discovered it years ago! Beverly and Dexter Lien, Kennewick, WA


Cozy SuitesWe don’t want to leave.  Your cottage is so quaint it was just what we were looking for.  I did not want to stay at a hotel, it made for the most amazing stay in Newport.  The bed was so comfy, like ours at home, and so extra clean.  Homey feeling. Thank you for making our trip here extra special.


What a perfect location to celebrate our 2nd anniversary!  The weather could not have been better and the view from the deck was fantastic.  Even though we are close to home, it felt like we were miles away.  Thanks Maggie for making our anniversary memorable!   ~Justin and Amber


Another wonderful, relaxing vacation!  This is our 4th time here at the motel.  Everything is fantastic each time.  Newport has a piece of our hearts and we can’t wait to return.  Until next time.  ~ Ted and Kelly, Paola, Kansas


Cozy SuitesWow!  We are so happy to have found you.  The moment we walked in and saw the afghan on the couch, quilt on the bed, not to mention the absolutely stunning view,  you had us! Thank you Maggie, Dave, Wendy and Patrick for one of our most memorable vacations. Golf, waking the beach, bonfires…right down to hand lotion, it’s the details.  Cozy, quiet, except for the waves, please don’t change a thing!  We will be back.  ~Marvin and Carol Windmann


This place is a little oasis of serenity in a busy hectic world.  My husband and I have a tendency to “stack and pack” our vacations with activities and at this conclusion, we arrive home needing a good rest!  Your place seduced us into sipping hot, aromatic coffee on the deck while watching surfers glide along the wave crests.  The view here is amazing and truly “epic” and the room is so cozy and inviting, it’s very hard to get in our car and drive away.  Thank you so much for providing such a gift to your guests.  ~Deborah and Lincoln


Ps. What a treat to see a grey-bearded surfer run joyously down the trail to hit the waves.  He looked just like a little boy on Christmas morning.  Reminded me that age is relative.


This is an adorable place and I love how it is decorated- all the little details- sink in the bathroom, copper fish, breach wreath- molding in the bedroom- wish we could have stayed longer!  Thank you for excellent recommendations for dinner- local seafood.  ~Ken and Judith Collins


So glad to be back!  We stayed here with our kids when they were younger.  Now, they are in Grad-school and married- how time flies.  This place remains one of our favorite spots in Oregon!  Feels like home away from home.  Wine on the deck, played scrabble by the fireplace, great bed, sleeps well!


sb_36175x7Loved it.  Great weather and beach is right there.  Wine/cigar on the deck was great! Thank you,  ~ R & J, Portland


The ultimate relaxation spot for the mind, body, and soul.  ~ Laura and Bill, Toledo, Ohio


Beautiful, relaxing, feels like home.  Only wish we could stay longer.  ~Barb and Ernie, Baker, MT


I am so happy that our usual place hallmark Inn was full.  This is by far a more relaxing place and so peaceful.  Mike and I were just looking for a quiet night away from home.  Love this place!!  We too wish we could stay longer.  We will be back soon!!   ~Mike and Teresa, Independence, OR


We had such a great time here!  What a cute homy bungalow!  We would recommend this place to everyone!  Wonderful peaceful environment with a breathtaking view!  Hope to stay here again soon than later!  Thank you .  ~ Julie and Derek.


Ca- yoot!  I make up my own vocabulary when the normal words won’t do…like…cute! Cute! Cute!!


sb_3721-950I love all the local product touches and cabin feel.  The simplicity.  The curtains and colors and shelves.  Everything adorable.  Add one more little bedroom and this is exactly what I want to buy for my coastal vacation home.  And the ocean view and sounds and greenest lawns.  Beautiful.  So glad I ventured down that little hike to check out this place.   ~Vickie, Colorado


The beauty, comfort and cleanliness of the Agate Beach Motel is outstanding! Thank you!   ~Jane and Dwight and family


This was our first time at Agate Beach!  We had a great time going down to the water and spending time on the deck.  We look forward to many more trips out here!  What an awesome beach- our favorite by far on the OR coast.  Thank you Wendy and Pat!