What is the weather like on the Oregon Coast?

In spring – temperatures range from high 50’s during day to low 40’s at night with a good chance of rain. In summer – temperatures range from 60-70’s during day to high 50’s at night. In autumn – temperatures range from mid/high 60’s during day to low 40’s at night. There is a good chance of rain in late autumn early winter. In winter- temperatures range from mid/high 40’s to low 50’s during day to mid 30’s at night. Winter is a great time to visit the Oregon coast and watch our magnificent winter storms.

When do the whales migrate?

December through early February on their annual 6,000 mile journey in the Pacific Ocean from the Arctic to the warm waters of Baja CA. Then, during March through October, the whales return north with their calves. Check out this website for more information: www.WhaleSpoken.org

Are Oregon’s beaches all open to the public?

From an aerial view, the Oregon Coast is a series of long stretches of sandy beaches interspersed by rugged headlands. These beaches were first protected for public use by Governor Oswald West (in office 1911-15). In 1967 Governor Tom McCall (in office 1967-75) assisted in the passage of the Oregon Beach Bill to maintain West’s vision in keeping Oregon’s beaches open to the public. The Oregon Beach Bill decreed that all land within sixteen vertical feet of the average low tide mark belongs to the people of Oregon and guarantees that the public has free and uninterrupted use of the beaches along Oregon’s 363 miles of coastline. A state easement exists up to the line of vegetation. Only one other state, Hawaii, guarantees public access from the surf line to the vegetation line. The Beach Bill also directed that the ocean shore be administered as a state recreation area. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is charged with the protection and preservation of the recreation, scenic, and natural resource values found on Oregon’s ocean shore.

Can I have a fire on the beach?

Use small pieces of wood only. Large logs are prohibited. The fire must be west of the vegetation line, NO EXCEPTIONS. Build your fire away from the beach grass & piles of driftwood. Extinguish the fire with water. Don’t just bury it. Doing this will allow the fire to remain hot and continue to smolder for hours. This could also cause someone to get burned.

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